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Our story

Wild We Wonder

Natural is the best healing, it is pure, beautiful, authentic and so peaceful that we think we should be spending more time with it.

I grew up in the city, and has always been a city girl, until my first experience on hiking then I realized how much I missed in my life. Since then, I spend most of my time thinking about hiking or planning hiking trips. There’s a lot of love in the nature from the first step you make to start your journey.

I also spend a lot of time on urban hiking when I couldn’t go to the forest. It’s pretty amazing to see the detail in everyday life, listen to the strange conversation.

We take the same route, yet it doesn’t’ feel the same “no man ever steps in the same river twice” and it also apply to the hiking.

About Us

We are a group of passionate travelers who found loves in the nature and people around us. We organize trips aiming to reconnect you to the natural. We leave the positive impacts to the natural environment and local community.We have been organizing outdoor and natural hiking trip since 2016, and adding the urban hiking trip in our agenda as there’s beauty in everyday life, and we are urge you to see it with your mind-wild-open. Our main goal is to connect you to the nature, local community, the other traveler and yourselves. We are excite and can’t wait to having you join the trip with us.

We believe in

You can own the Earth and still
All you’ll own is earth unti

Self Indulgence

We are all agree that Life is too short but it’s also the longest thing you’ll ever have. Finding that sweet spot to balance pleasure and work is difficult. That’s why we recommend you to give some to yourself and some to other. Talk to other, listen to their story. Travel the world and be really happy, and give back the positive vibe to the community.

Create a Happier Community

We believe in collecting memories, photograph and friendship, and leave nothing behind apart of positivist toward the local community. Wild We Wonder integrate with the locals to create authentic experiences for the tourist. We motivate and support, so the local could stay strong together with the minimum effect that create by tourist industry.

Discover yourself

We encourage you to go out, try new stuff, be spontaneous, and you might find yourselves in the path you were looking for. We take you out of your ordinary paths to the authentic, simplicity and beauty of the environment and nature surrounding.

Our team

People who make the magic happens

Bow Jitnaitham

Travel organizer/ Tour Guide

My favorite thing to do is traveling, my second favorite thing to do is google place of my next travel

Marisa Chom

Travel organizer/ Tour Guide

My favorite place in the world is Hokkaido or dinning table when my mom cook

Jay Taweepon Lamaimung

Travel organizer/ Tour Guide

I don’t hate pineapple on the pizza or my fried rice. My favorite animal is cat

Fan Suthanchanok Comsaimuang

Travel organizer/ Marketing

Since I had my first child, my favorite thing to do is to sleep 8 hours with no disturb

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