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Best National Parks to go in Thailand this summer

When it’s too hot to do anything in summer, we still recommend you to go hiking! The natural is the best engineer, the forest and the trees give us cool breeze and the sense of freshness even in the hot summer day. On top of that, summer in the best time to see the color of the forest as the variety of flowers are blooming in this season.

Choosing the destination is one of the most important key factors that help create the positive outdoor moments. Wild We Wonder has a list of National Parks and the green destination to go during this summer, and here are our top choices

1. Thong Prong Thong, Rayong

Upon late afternoon sun, the field turns into golden green against the bright blue sky, and that’s what makes Thong Prong Thong is one of the best places to visit during the summer time. In fact, it’s best to visit Thong Prong Thong in every season throughout the whole year, Thong Prong Thong is located in Rayong, and the field itself is right next to the ocean, which carries the cool breezy wind from the ocean to the land. You might want to carry a sun protection gear or visit Thong Prong Thong in the late afternoon when the sun isn’t so strong. 

2. Phu Toei National Park, Suphanburi

Tawada Peak is the highest peak in Suphanburi province and it has an easy breezy temperature all year round. If you decide to trek to the top of the peak, you will be trekking along the water stream, which also makes the dry season the best time to visit Phu Toei and Tawada Peak by foot. Jedkod- Pongkonsao Natural Study & Eco Center

3. Khao Ngon Nak National Park (Dragon Crest), Krabi

The southern part of Thailand rain 8 months in a year. The tropical climate makes Krabi has a shot dry season, and that fall into February to May. the Dragon Crest as known as local by Khao Ngon Nak National Park open to visit all year round. But if you want to make sure you get to see the bird’s eye view of the Jurassic-park-like, you might consider visiting Khao Ngon Nak during the summertime, plus you get to enjoy the Krabi ocean and try out the rock climbing.

4. Kaeng Kachan National Park, Phetchaburi

Kaeng Kachan is famous for a variety of reasons, and one of them is the butterflies. During the hot summer season, you may see a hundred thousand of butterflies in Kaeng Kachan National Park area. Also, Kaeng Kachan offers a lower temperature when hiking in the trekking trail. Kaeng Kachan is also one of the two UNESCO heritage sites in Thailand. 

5. Khao Phanoen Thung, Phetchaburi

Phanoen Thung is the peak site located in Kaeng Kachan National Park. It’s one of the most popular peaks for local Thais to see the sea of fogs, the camping permit has a limited number each day. Make sure you make a reservation for your spot before making a visit to Phanoen Thung peak. It also one of the best time to catch the sea of fog when the water hasn’t already all dry out.

6. Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi

The best time to visit Sangkhlaburi is in the raining season when the water level is high and the rain gives the foggy, misty atmosphere. The rain makes the level of the river high enough to cover the secret of the temple the die under the river. In the summer, the level of the water is low, it’ll be low enough to make the temple visible. The ruin of the temple stays under the water at least 8 months a year and will be visible to see give the mystery feel. If you are into architecture culture and temple art, Sangkhlaburi is a must visit in your list during the summer. 

7. Hui Makamin Waterfall, Kanchanaburi

To me, Hui Makamin is the most beautiful waterfall in Thailand. The water is cold all year round even when the sun is strong and hot. Hui Makamin used to be pretty invisible to visit, considering how difficult it is to get there. Thanks to the new road, now we can reach right in front of the waterfall just by driving. You can camp right next to the waterfall, and listen to the sound of it the whole night through, next morning you can just go to the waterfall, swim n the fresh cold water or bring your favorite book to read. The trail is also easy to trek. 

8. Chet Sao Noi Waterfall National Park, Saraburi

Chet Sao Noi is one of the most popular waterfalls for local Thai People, it’s located in Saraburi province, which is about 2 hours drive from Bangkok. The waterfall could be reached by car. With a short walk, you will get into the waterfall and enjoy your time. 

9. Erawan Waterfall National Park, Kanchanaburi

Erawan is the waterfall with the bright blue postcard-like pond. It’s one of the most popular waterfalls for local Thais and tourist.  It is located in Kanchanaburi province. The waterfall could be reached by car. With a short walk, you will get into the waterfall and enjoy your time. 

10. Jedkod- Pongkonsao Natural Study & Eco-Center, Saraburi

Jedkod is the Natural study center, located in Saraburi. Within 2 hours drive, you will get to the green destination, where you can enjoy your natural outdoor moment. It’s the popular outdoor destination, as it gives the quick break away from city life. You can visit the waterfall in the afternoon, camping by the lake at night, and enjoy the morning exercise, then head back to Bangkok. 

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