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Hiking in summer:
How to stay comfortable in the trail

Some of the trail is best to hike during the summer time and if you are into outdoor lifestyle, especially when you live in South East asian countries, it’s pretty much unavoidable to have to go through those hikes and places even it’s very hot outside.

We go outdoors to escape the heat and boredom in the city, but without good preparation staying under the sun cause you health damage and ruin your hiking experience. Too much heat could cause the heat exhaustion or even worse, heatstroke. Without the sunscreen protection, your skin will be damage from oxidation, and probably add some years to your skin age. And admit it, it’s too hot to walk under the afternoon sun.So, no matter how much you like to stay tan and the sunshine, we highly recommend you to stay prepared. And here’s some of our best tips to stay comfortable during the summer hike.

1. Select the trail that has a lot of shade. Your hiking journey starts from planning, try to avoid those open area places that could burn your hiking experience. Your best options are those routes in the thick forest. Here’s the list of Thailand National Park that best to hike during the summer.

2. Hike up elevation, the higher you get, the lower temperature will be. This might be tiring to have to deal with all of those steps, but at least you get a chill. Some of the mountain has around 20 degree Celsius all year round. Here’s the list of Thailand National Park that has lower temperature all year round

3. Hike near the river steam. Fact is the water in the river in the mountain will always be cold. Select to trek along the river steam might be the best idea to get the cool breeze. The list of River Steam Trekking in Thailand National Park

4. Get Wet. It might be uncomfortable to sweat at the beginning of the process, but when you get the full sweat, your body temperature will get lower. That’s what the evaluation for after all. Our body is an engineer to deal with the environment change.

5. Drink a lot of water, and frequency. The best way to stay cool and hydrate is to frequency zip your water. It’s unavoidable to lose your body water during the hike, Drinking is critically important to stay hydrated and healthy. Tip: Freeze your bottle of water and let it defrozen during the hike, you will get a cold drink along the way.  

7. Observe your partners while hiking, for the signs of Heat exhaustion or Heatstroke. We have the full article of how to observe and the quick fix.  We could have serious heat issue 2 ways. 1) Heat Exhaustion, when we sweat way too much, colder body temperature and pale skin color. This happens when our body loses a lot of water in a short period of time (due to the heat). The best way is to rest and drink enough water very frequently. 2) Heat stroke, When your body temperature gets higher, but you don’t break a sweat, your skin color change into red. This is the critical health issue that could cost your life. The best way to deal with this is to rest, go under the shade, drink water frequency, get your body colder (by taking off a layer of your clothes to get more air)

8. Wet the towel and wrap it around your neck. Your neck is the part of the body that are exposed to the sun most during hiking. The wet towel works as the protection between the sun rays and neck, and wet towel also helps bring down the body temperature. You can wrap the wet towel in other places that have exposure  to the sun

9. Headwears help… a lot… A part of your neck, your head is the most area that exposed most to the sun. Wear a layer of protection will make you more comfortable throughout your hiking experience

10. Wear Sunglasses. Brightness will make you dizzy, especially in a place like concrete trail or the beach, not only you have to deal with the sun from above, you will also have to deal with the reflection from the ground as well. The sunglasses will darken the brightness from the reflection, and protect your eyes from UV rays.

11. Use the extra tools,like an umbrella, fan or cooling spray. We have an article about the cooling gadget that will help your survive during the summer

12. Wear the UV protection long -sleeved clothes. I could already hear your thoughts “I don’t need the extra layer when it’s already very hot out there” but this long sleeves UV protection clothing is my favorite items during the hike. The UV protection long sleeves will not only protect you from the dangerous UV rays that damage the skin, but also protect from scratch and bug bites.

We cannot avoid the heat or change the whole environment for our convenionun. Remember that our hiking journey starts at the planning process, it’s our best option to be prepared because being outdoors is rewarding, no matter what the season is. Stay hiking, stay outdoors 🙂

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